There are many types of mortgages, and once you've decided to proceed with a mortgage we can help. Your lender will go through the process of helping you to select the best mortgage for your circumstances and then we assist you and the lender to put the mortgage in place. We receive mortgage instructions from your lender and then we go to work preparing the mortgage, obtaining any strata documents, survey or title insurance required by your lender. If you have an existing mortgage or other loans to pay out we contact those lenders to obtain written payout statements. Once this is complete we have the borrowers attend at our office to review and sign the mortgage and to approve where the money will be paid.
Most people require a mortgage in order to pay for real estate. We coordinate the signing of the mortgage at the same time that we transfer the land. Sometimes this is a brand new property, or for couples going through a separation, one party may simply buy out the other. Some lenders may require a new party be added to the title to land, for example a spouse or parent, in order to qualify for the loan.
The mortgage business is very competitive and we assist clients who change from one lender to another or who simply want to increase the amount of their loan through their existing lender. These transactions are often processed within a week.
Most people borrow through traditional lenders like bank, trust companies and credit unions. For those people who cannot qualify with a traditional lender we can help. Private lenders have us either prepare mortgages for them or we review mortgages for the borrower.

Occasionally a family member or friend may have the willingness and means to lend money. We work with these lenders to make sure that their interests are secured.