Below are some of the risk mitigation measures we are taking to help protect you and the community during this time.

  1. We will conduct business at distance by meeting by phone, by sitting at opposite ends of our indoor or outdoor meeting tables, or through Zoom video conferencing. All very short appointments for witnessing clients sign documents will be done outside of our office at a table set up on the sidewalk in front of our office.
  2. We require clients to wear a mask to their appointment. If clients do not have a mask, then we will provide one. If a client cannot wear a mask for health reasons, then we will arrange to have meetings by phone, email or Zoom video conferencing to reduce the need for in person meetings.
  3. We require that all clients book appointments so that we may record full names and contact information for contact tracing purposes. Also, when booking the appointment, we can better schedule people coming and going to minimize contacts between clients and to allow for cleaning surfaces between clients.
  4. When booking an appointment, we ask clients if they have travelled out of the country within the past 14 days. If a client has recently returned to Canada, their next appointment will be scheduled for no sooner than 2 weeks after their return date. We are following contact tracing guidelines.
  5. To aid in social distancing between clients we ask clients to arrive as close to their appointment time as possible to limit time spent in the reception area. We will ask you to wait outside the office or in your car if our reception area has more than 2 people in it. Please do not bring other people to your appointment who do not need to be there.
  6. Our meeting rooms will be cleaned between each client with a bleach and water solution and we will clean the counters and other areas throughout the day. We ask that clients use our complimentary hand sanitizer when entering the office. If signing documents, we will ask that you bring a pen with black ink with you. If you do not arrive with a pen, one will be provided for your use and the pens are cleaned with a bleach solution between use.
  7. Last but certainly not least if you feel at all unwell, please stay home. We are happy to re-schedule your appointment to promote the health and safety of yourself and others. If you have a deadline to meet and you are unwell, please speak to our staff and we can meet with you by video conference, or outside of our office under more controlled conditions.
  8. We are experiencing a high demand for our services – real estate, mortgages, and estate planning. We are very grateful for the work, but it does take longer to complete each file with the additional COVID-19 safety requirements. Your patience is very much appreciated.

Knowledge is Powerful . . . I Enjoy Sharing Mine

I have served on the Society of BC Notaries’ Board of Directors and was a member of the Education Committee. Over 20 years ago, I was a speaker at a Notary conference to share my knowledge and I have been teaching courses to Notary candidates ever since...

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Article From: Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce - June 2020

Like most businesses, FEDEWICH & WITT Notaries Public have been trying to chart their way in these unprecedented times. Their hope, by sharing their stories, is that they can help fellow business and community members.

Below is what they asked we share with their fellow Chamber members:

We have purchased new hardware and software, created policies for social distancing and reimagined how to do our work safely while complying with new health orders and changing laws. We have been humbled by our loyal employees who have adapted to change and worked hard despite the stress of a pandemic. We are proud to say that we remain open for business during regular hours and we have modified our office space and office procedures to keep people safe. The main changes to our business are that we are taking instructions from clients by phone, emailing documents to clients and meeting with clients over the phone to review their documents in detail. When we meet clients in person it is a short appointment where we can view their identification and witness them sign their documents. Our meeting tables are 2 meters long and we sit at opposite ends. We have reviewed documents by phone for 5 weeks now and clients are impressed with the quality of service and they feel safe in our office. We clean with a bleach solution between each appointment and disinfect surfaces twice a day. We will wear an N95 mask and gloves upon request and have plexiglass at our reception counter.

To minimize any disruption to our service in the event one of our team becomes ill we have one notary and some staff working from home. We also have another notary from Langley who has provided us vacation relief over the years, and he will work for us if needed.

Some other hightlights include:

  • A realtor delivered purchase and mortgage documents to a client who was self isolating at home, and she did not have a printer. Norm reviewed the documents over the phone, and she signed at home all except the documents that he needed to witness. She drove to our office and Norm viewed her id and took photos of it for our file and he witnessed her sign through her car window.
  • We completed a refinance file in one day for a young pilot and his wife who were concerned that if he lost his job he may not qualify for their new mortgage. Trish reviewed their documents for an hour on Sunday and as the pilot had just returned from out of the country, we did not see them in our office, but instead witnessed them sign documents through their car window parked outside our office.
  • On a Saturday, Trish attending at care home in Delta to witness an 88-year-old lady sign her will, power of attorney and representation agreement. The documents had been delivered to her in the home by her son and Trish had reviewed them by phone for an hour. As the home is under quarantine, Trish instructed the client by phone and witnessed the documents through the window of the care home.